The Beginning


So I have decided to create my own blog. I didn’t know that this was a little bit hard and fun at the same time. I am stuck at creating my blog name.This is just the first step and yet I am having a hard time figuring out my name.

So I browsed some tips on how to come up with a blog name. It says to take down notes on what my content will be.

Hmmm… this blog will be for everyone. Everyone who wants to learn about my career as a part of the BPO industry. I will be sharing tips, experiences, best practices, what I see, what I know, what I observe, the ins and outs of being a call center agent and being part of a call center admin.

Should I make this anonymous then?

I am also thinking of sharing my everyday personal life as a shy call center girl as well.

On that note, hey I just figured out my name. TheShyCallCenterGirl

What do you think?

For now I will make this anonymous. This is to protect myself and my loved ones. Char! As if there’s something big that I’ll expose. I guess most of the big rumors and controversies evolving around this industry had been exposed already. LOL.

There you go. So I am done with my name. Now I’ll move on to my first blog. What is Call Center/BPO? All the things that I learned about call center.

Oh, I just changed my mind. What about TheCallCenterShyGirl? Oh well, it’s TheShyCallCenterGirl then. It’s final. I hope.

I am jotting down the topics I want to write about on this blog. So far these are the things that I have come up with:

  • The Traditional Filipino Call Center Agent VS. The Modern Filipino Call Center Agent
  • The Newbie VS. The Tenured Agent.
  • The Kiss Ass Team Lead VS. The Kick Ass Team Lead
  • I was a Quality Assurance Specialist.
  • Bloopers and Memes ( I saw some memes about call centers, I might be borrowing some of those, or should I create one to make it original..?)
  • Ninja Moves (Oh, yes you know what I mean. I won’t expose the hows, I’ll expose the whats)
  • Warning to all aspirant Call Center Agents
  • Call Center Environment
  • Being a call center agent: The ups and downs
  • Call Center Hopper
  • Rumors and Controversies: Is it a Fact or a Bluff? (Ooohhh, this one’s nice but I am still hesitant to write about it.. hmmm, should I or should I give up… LOL)
  • Call Center Agent in the eyes of the ordinary people.
  • The Chronicles of a Call Center Agent (From application, to interviews, to training, to nesting, to promotion, to resignation.. relate much!)
  • Being part of the admin is not an easy job. (For those who do their jobs… with passion, with care, with compassion.. ganern!)

Are you excited??? Tell me.. Tell me.. The topics above are random so please wait patiently. And thank you for patiently waiting.

I know there are other blogs out there similar to mine. I sometimes see them in my news feed. I read a couple or more of these blogs. It’s not going to be my intention to copy their ideas. I will just write things here according to what I know and what I learned based on my 8 years of call center experience as an agent, QA, and TL. I may be wrong but hey these are all my experiences.  Please enjoy. Hope you will learn.

Note: Hey I am not a grammarian and I am not a native English speaker, please let me know if there’s like a grammatical error. I am willing to learn. Peace!

P.S. I want to thank my hubby for the ideas. He is more experienced than I am. About a decade of experience. LoveLots hubby!